Ambrosia Cava Reserve


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Since 1946 Mascaró family has taken care of controlling the quality of its products throughout all the production process, from the vineyard to the bottle.

The grapes used to produce the base wines come from “Mas Miquel” estate, located in Aiguamúrcia (Tarragona). The recollection is manual and it is taken to the winery in small boxes to protect the qualitiy of the grapes.

To prepare our cavas we press the grapes without destemming, champanya style, that means that we squeeze but not break the grain, and weuse only the grape-juice of the highest quality to elaborate our base wine. This juice is fermented at controlled temperatures to preserve its rich aroma.

The process of second fermentation and aging in bottle gives structure and and complexity to our cava, a high quality product.

“Ambrosia” means fragrant and also it means meal or drink of smooth and delicate flavor. In ancient Greece the “Ambrosia” was the drink served by Ganymede, a mortal kidnapped by Zeus that served this drink to Gods to make them immortals.


Yellow pale and crystal clear. The bubbles are fine and have good presence.
Very good attack, is alive and aromatic.
Round, fruity and full bodied. It has a nice sweet finish when you taste it.


Between 6 and 8ºC


Due to its characteristics this is an excellent cava to accompany foie gras or desserts.

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