Mitchell Wines Watervale Riesling 2017


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In 1949 the Mitchell Family moved to Clare Valley, Australia, the property was a dairy, and orchard, and luckily enough a small patch of vineyard. This is truly a family operation, with three generations growing up and working on the property.

Riesling can lay claim to being the world’s most noble grape. It offers great intensity of flavor and tells the story of its origins without the need for intervention. That is why we cultivate our vineyards organically.

The story of the Mitchell Wines Watervale Riesling is one well worth telling with classic, intense citrus aromas and dry tangy flavours that come alive in the mouth. Our Riesling is a refreshing wine of poise and balance with lees contact to soften the wine. It finds enough roundness in the mouth to balance a pleasingly mineral and classically crisp, dry finish.